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What is a Prepaid Funeral?

A Prepaid funeral is the easiest, most caring and the most practical way to remove the financial and emotional worry, along with the responsibility that unexpected funeral arrangements can bring.

Why Prepay for Your Funeral?

Over the last decade, the cost of a funeral has outstripped inflation, which is mainly due to the rising fees for doctors, crematoria and clergy. By prepaying for your funeral in advance, you can lock in today's prices for your future requirement.

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Beat the Rising Cost of Funerals

The Facts

In the next 20 years the average cost of a funeral could skyrocket to over...


Costs of a basic funeral has already risen by 88% just in the last 10 years****

A Growing number of families will struggle with funeral bills**

Projected Funeral Costs in 2031

Projected Costs in 2031 are a staggering £11,196

You are too young to apply for a funeral plan, however a life insurance plan can offer similar benefits such as providing a lump sum for your family.

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